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To celebrate World Penguin Day on April 25th, symbolically adopt a penguin with matching identification bands!


To be able to quickly identify the African pengins in the colony at Lehigh Valley Zoo, each of them wears a color band on one of their wings.  Male penguins have their bands on their right wing, and our female penguins have their bands on the left wing.


The plush in this special package includes a color coded band matching the band our penguins wear!  PLUS receive a silicone band matching the color of your selected penguin.  The band features the penguin's name, and includes a penguin icon either to the left or right of their name.    


A.D.O.P.T. – Animals Depend On People Too! Now you can symbolically ADOPT an animal at Lehigh Valley Zoo.


This special ADOPT package Includes:

  • A plush animal
  • A personalized Certificate of Adoption
  • A photo of your adopted animal
  • A Fact Sheet with information about your animal
  • Two (2) child admission tickets or one (1) adult admission ticket to the Zoo
  • Your choice of matching ID bands - one for the plush & one for you!


PLUS - Add our limited edition 2024 Red Panda Conservation Pin to your order for just $4!  100% of net proceeds will be contributed to Red Panda-monium!

ADOPT An Animal - African Penguin with matching ID bands!

ID Bands
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